Thursday, January 14, 2016

Emi DeLia Press Kit

Emi DeLia, Greater Washington DC/Annapolis
Youtube Channel

A unique harper singer-songwriter living in the Washington D.C./Annapolis area.
Effortlessly intertwines gritty blues riffs with ethereal harp phrases, and equally at home with a chamber ensemble or Irish seisiún. Her style is a mix of Pop, soul, R&B, Celtic, blues, rock, and world music. 

"A heart of gold and the voice to match." -

"I felt like there was a different light in the room ... "
- Chiu-Ling Lin, Artistic Director, Mason Gross Extension Division Young Artist Program

Mesmerizing, virtuosic harpist with compelling, powerful vocals and songs not quite like anything you've heard before.

***New Music***

    Revolutionary                                   Dreamin'       

Announcing Emi's first CD 
Available Now!!

Screen grab from CD Baby 360 View

Selected tracks from Lift

Promotional Photos

Photo: George Sproul

All photo credits: Mary DeLia except where noted