Thursday, January 14, 2016

Emi DeLia Press Kit

Emi DeLia, Princeton, NJ.
Youtube Channel

A unique harper singer-songwriter living in the Princeton, NJ area.
Effortlessly intertwines gritty blues riffs with ethereal harp phrases, and equally at home with a chamber ensemble or Irish seisiún. Her style is a mix of Pop, soul, R&B, Celtic, blues, rock, and world music. 

"A heart of gold and the voice to match." -

"I felt like there was a different light in the room ... "
- Chiu-Ling Lin, Artistic Director, Mason Gross Extension Division Young Artist Program

Mesmerizing, virtuosic harpist with compelling, powerful vocals and songs not quite like anything you've heard before.

Announcing Emi's first CD 
Available Now!!

Screen grab from CD Baby 360 View

Selected tracks from Lift

Promotional Photos

Photo: George Sproul

All photo credits: Mary DeLia except where noted